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Mälarupen Innebandy


Hello and welcome to Falun and Mälar Tournament 2011!


Information about Mälar tournament:


The tournament is going to be played on the 13th of  April until the 15 of April



Organizers: IBF Falun and Idrottsarrangören Mats Andréason AB (


Application for the tournament:


Registration fee during the entire registration period for each team is 2100 SEK.
NOTE: In addition to the registration feeeverybody has to buy a participant card for 630 SEK (two nights sleeping on hard surface and six meals are included)


The registration fee for classes 1-2 is 3100 SEK until the first of December, there after 3600 SEK.

The registration fee for classes 3-21 is 2400 SEK until the first of December, there after 2700 SEK.


Send an email to mats@idrottsarrangoren.comfor registration for the tournament


Participant cards:
The price for one participant card is 630 SEK. It includes two nights sleeping on hard surface and six meals. Following meals are included in the participant card: 13/4 dinner, 14/4 breakfast, lunch, dinner, 15/4 breakfast, lunch.  

Deadline for registration and payment:


The deadline is on the 1th of April, 2011. The registration fee must be paid at the same time as the registration. The registration fee is paid to:


BIC:NDEASESS.The deadline also includes the payment of participant cards and the transportation service "door to door".


Reservations of accommodation, food and participant cards are made to us via telephone 00 46 70 243 00 40 , e-mail: or via the website:




You will be playing in the following classes:


1. Men


2. Women


3. Boys Junior 20


4. Boys Junior 18


5. Boys 95


6. Boys 96


7. Boys 97


8. Boys 98


9. Boys 99 Advanced


10. Boys 99 Easy


11. Boys 00


12. Boys 01


13. Boys 02


14. Girls Junior 20


15. Girls 95


16. Girls 96


17. Girls 97


18. Girls 98


19. Girls 99


20. Girls 00


21. Girls 01


Game Rules:
Swedish Floor ball Association rules are applied. If two or more teams end up on the same score it will be solved in the following order:

1st Peer Meeting

Best goal difference

3rd Most goals scored

At least penalty minutes

Match Information:
2 x 15 minutes and time out is permitted.


For the included teams are at least 4 games planned. On the other hand, dropouts might occur and therefore we cannot guarantee the number of games.

Before the match: Each team must arrive 60 minutes before the game starts and check-in at our information office in Bombardier Arena.


Dispenser: All classes up to Boys Junior 18 and Girls 95 are allowed to have two minor players each match. (the player (s) can maximum be one year older than the age group)


The results will be posted on our website and in Bombardier Arena directly after a game is finished.


Fair Play price: We are going to hand out a "Fair Play price" to the best girl´s / boy's team during the tournament. The criteria is based on good behaviour both on and off the field.


Managers of the tournament:
Overall responsible: Mats Andreason Telephone number: 00 46 70-2430040

Director of the competition: Mats Andreason Telephone number 00 46 70-2430040

The committee of the competition: Mikael Flodell and Mats Andreason.




The tournament is played in 10 different play grounds:




Abridgements of the play grounds:





The accommodations are open from the 13th of April at 5 p.m and closes on the 15 of april   at 4 p.m.


Below are the schools where you are going to sleep:



NOTE: There is no access to showers at the schools. Therefore Teams  have to use the showers in the changing rooms where the tournament is being played.






All meals are served in Lugnet gynmasiet.


Breakfast is served between 5:30 a.m. until 9:30 a.m.
Lunch is served between 11:00a.m until 3:00 p.m
Dinner is served between 4:30 p.m.  until 8:30  p.m


Information office:


The Information desk is situated in the entrance of Lugnets Sporthall i Falun .  The information desk is going to be open the entire weekend until the tournament is finished.


Telephone number to our information office and to the collaborators: